When Bad Things Happen

Trucking can be a great life, but it can also be a hard road, quite literally. Truckers can face hardship many miles from home for a variety of reasons. Thankfully, there are people who care.

One organization, Trucker Charity Inc. is dedicated to providing help to people in the trucking industry, including family and those working in ancillary occupations.

Their mission is “to assist those in the trucking industry in need. We will do this financially, and with education. Our life coach and mentoring programs will work with those that need help one on one. We will raise money to help support people in the trucking industry who are in need and luck has passed them by. We will assist in making sure people are fed and safe in emergency housing. Including mechanics, truckers and their families and all jobs related to the trucking industry. We will be good stewards of peoples money and help our industry prosper with support and education. With our ability to bring the trucking industry together we will assist in disasters with coordination of equipment, logistics and manpower.”

One of their programs, The Last Ride Home, helps insure that truckers who lose their lives are able to be returned home to their families with dignity. They also operate a food bank at I-70, Exit 68 in Brownstown, Illinois. Open 7 days a week, drivers who need food can pick up three days’ worth. Contact them at info@truckercharity.org or call 1-888-523-0087.

Another organization that helps truckers is the St. Christopher Fund. The SCF helps semi-truck drivers and their families who have financial needs due to current medical problems. Assistance may be in the form of direct payment for medical services or prescription drugs, assistance with expenses while recovering from illness and out of work, and/or providing information on how to negotiate price reductions with medical providers and hospitals.  Contact them at http://truckersfund.org/. They also have an excellent resource page on their site.

Truckers or family members who are over age 60 can often find assistance from the ejder service agencies in their respective states. Some programs are free.  Contact the Elder Care Locator.

Having trouble affording care for your canine or kitty co-pilot? It’s best to have pet insurance, but if you don’t, find Veterinary Care Assistance or sign up for a pre-approved loan at Care Credit.

Safe travels…


Whether you’re a trucker, an ex trucker like me, or you’re just interested in trucking, I hope you’ll enjoy my new blog, Ex Lady Trucker. That’s exactly what I am – an “old school” former independent driver and owner/operator with more than a million safe miles traveled, who just happens to be female. I’m in another occupation now that I love, but you know what they say…you can take the girl out of the truck, but you can’t take the truck out of the girl.

Topics will vary. Sometimes I might wax poetic about an industry I truly loved being a part of, sometimes I’ll complain about it. More often, I’ll try to provide useful information, support, a shoulder to cry on, or a place where you can share your virtual happy dances from time to time. To help with that, I’ve established an associated Facebook page and Twitter account.

I want you all to feel free to comment on anything I write. You don’t have to agree with me on religion, politics, or anything else, but this isn’t exactly a democracy – I want families of truckers to feel welcome here, too, so I won’t approve comments that contain vulgarity, racism, hate speech, or promotion of violence against people or animals. I warn you that I’m very socially liberal, but I support the Constitution and all its amendments. I’m more a pacifist than a warmonger, though I understand when wars are necessary to truly protect freedom. I thank veterans for their service whether I agree with the war they fought or not, and I think if we send them into harm’s way, we have a solemn duty to care for them when they return. I believe in taking care of our elders, no matter what, and I believe in trying to leave the planet in better shape than we found it for future generations. If I could change one thing about education, it would be that we teach children, at a very young age, to be critical thinkers.

If you think you can stand it, I hope you’ll follow this blog and see where the road takes us. Till we meet again, stay safe and keep the shiny side up.



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